A bit about Queenbitter

Are you Bitter? Me too! Queenbitter! 

Seriously, I’m no expert but Queenbitter is based on the reality of my life.  Living this life with style and relevance in the best way we can is how I fight very real aspects of life like loss and aging.  It is the only weapon I have in this big world and crazy fabulous city that we call home.

I’m inspired by design, style and the energy, beauty and edginess of New York City.  You will learn more about me through how I express my passions in the jewelry I design and the life I'm living both viewed through the lens of the City that is my love, teacher and influencer of all I do and all I love.

I want to be completely honest about this Bitterness thing. Miracles of health and life aside, I’m talking about aging and how media culture ignores the fabulous in us! I believe this can make the best of us Bitter – but only for a moment until we can take a deep breath, gather our best accessories and head the hell out in the world.

Everybody is heading right to where we are now; our purpose is to show them how to do it in style!